Tor 360

Year 2022
Technology Adobe XD, Whimsical, Flaticon
Categories Product Design
Service Management, User Experience
Problem Overview

1. Service Engineers who are unable manage the Scheduling of client Services, Unable to track the data related service Requests.

2. Management team who are unable to track service request, the completion or the process of servicing and tracking the work of service engineer who is assigned to the Service Request

Pain Points -

Getting call for Serving, hence unable to know priority of work and location of servicing which leading multiple calls and communication to reach and complete the job. Time to communicate and reach the site and provide the service is taking more time hence productive is decreasing and frustration is increasing. Management is facing issue like tracking the activity of service engineer, Customer satisfactions, consumables used for the job and setting priority of the job which needed to be done on time.

Solution Approach

Tor 360 is a CRM web app and one part of it is Service Request Management App for the Service Engineers. In this app service Engineers can track and plan their workflow and strategies to solve Client problems

Designing an application which service engineer can use it flawlessly to do his/her work and increase productivity. Also an application which will provide the data related services and history of services of the clients and also data about service engineer which can help to assign task to available engineers flawlessly.